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Recorded on Thursday 25 February 2021

How to improve your interfaces with 5 top tips

I’m sure you have experienced frustration when using an app or a website where things just don't work or behave as you'd expect?   

So how do you make sure that the applications, dashboards, and interfaces that you are creating are intuitive, enjoyable to use and don’t leave your users frustrated?

Well, the good news is there are some simple rules that you can apply during the interface design process to achieve this.

So, if you are looking to:  

Create better looking interfaces

Ensure your applications are easy to use

Learn about and tap into common UI patterns 

Build engaging experiences

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Mark Hudson

With over 25 years of experience, Mark is as passionate as ever about BI. He founded Blue Edge Software and Antivia, and is now Chief Executive Officer at Squirrel365.

Mel Sheppard

Mel has over 15 years experience in Business Intelligence and product design. She utilises her passion for user experience to blend technical and creative skills to craft digital products that solve problems. She is now Chief Experience Officer at Squirrel365.  

 “Our first project was to deliver an emergency COVID-19 application. Squirrel helped us deliver that in a record time of just 3 weeks.”

David Behr, USPI


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