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Recorded on Thursday 25 March 2021

Revolutionize your financial modelling with Excel and Squirrel365

Whilst Excel is the go-to solution for financial modelling, the challenge that many people face once their models are complete is how best to distribute them for review, engage their audience and easily allow their colleagues or clients to test the models using ‘what-if’ style analysis.  

Squirrel365 is the perfect companion to Excel for financial modelling, it allows you to create visually stunning interactive web presentations from your models that can be easily shared with colleagues or clients. No more emailing bulky Excel files and worrying about version control.   

It also allows the people you share your interactive model with to perform what-if analysis on your model and save their scenarios for further discussions  

So, if you are looking to...

Find a better way to distribute your financial models

Engage your audience with visually appealing models

Empower your colleagues and clients with what-if capabilities

Save and replay different scenarios without any Excel changes

Protect your models’ intellectual property

On Demand Event

…then watch this on-demand event and we will show you how Squirrel365 is the perfect companion to Excel to assist you in your financial modelling projects.

Mark Hudson

With over 25 years of experience, Mark is as passionate as ever about BI. He founded Blue Edge Software and Antivia, and is now Chief Executive Officer at Squirrel365.

Donald MacCormick

Donald has spent over 20 years in BI, Business Modelling and Analytics with Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, SAP, Antivia, and InsightSoftware. He is now Chief Strategy Officer at Squirrel365.  

    “Squirrel gives us the interactive capability we need for doing our ‘what-if’ scenarios.  

  Randy Kerns, Evaluator Group  


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