O N    D E M A N D

Recorded on Tuesday 15th February 2022

Digging Deeper into Squirrel365

In this second of three webinars we look at how you can add an intelligent interface to your spreadsheet-based content with a wide range of UI controls such as radio push buttons, radio buttons, list boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, menus and many more. All working hand in hand with the logic in your spreadsheets, with absolutely no-code.

Watch to find out just how far your existing spreadsheet skills can take you.

(Click here to watch the first webinar in the series "Bring your Spreadsheet to life - First steps with Squirrel365")



 “Our first project was to deliver an emergency COVID-19 application. Squirrel helped us deliver that in a record time of just 3 weeks.”

David Behr, USPI


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